3DAstronomer is going to change the way we look at space

3DAstronomer is going to change the way we look at space.  Its easy interface allows students young and old to explore the universe in real-time, or in fast-time, roaring through the stars in hyper-speed. 


How easy is it to manipulate time?  Very easy!  In the left upper corner of the screen, there is information about the selected object. Located in the lower left hand corner is the speed of your travel.  If the line is at zero, you are moving in real-time and nothing will appear to be changing.  Remember, the rotation of the earth and revolution around the sun cannot be sensed as we are standing on the earth: the same is true in this real-time simulation program. 


Simply adjust the speed of your travel and learn the unbelievable size and magnitude of our universe firsthand!  Learn how long it would take a shuttle to get to the far expanses of the galaxy.  The program even allows you to chronicle each journey you make from the surface of the earth to any object in space.


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