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Looking for free drop shipping companies? You're not alone. There are thousands of people out there looking to get into drop shipping. Drop shipping is a simple, fun, and lucrative online business model, if you know what to do. The fact that you're searching for free drop shipping companies shows you're on the right track. The fact is, all real drop shippers are free. No real wholesale company or manufacturer should ever charge you to sell their products. If you're paying monthly fees or membership costs, you're likely dealing with a middleman.

Drop shipping is a great low risk business opportunity because you have a very small up front investment. Since you don't have to purchase any inventory ahead of time, you can start selling without actually owning anything. Unfortunately, its very difficult to find a legitimate wholesale drop shipper these days. The search engines are littered MLM and middleman product sourcing scams. It's gotten to the point where the first several pages of any search engine are almost guaranteed to be middlemen. So what is a middleman? Similar to an MLM scheme, a middleman makes money by getting between you and the level above him. Sometimes that level is a wholesale source or manufacturer, sometimes it may be another middleman. In either case, you lose.

Middlemen make money by sourcing wholesale products and then charging fees and marking up the prices before selling them to you. You think you're getting wholesale pricing, but you're really not. Not only that, but these sites are often very popular, which means lots of competition. If you sign up with any of the more popular drop shipping sites, you'll find those same products selling all over the web, often for less than your "wholesale" price. This means tons of competition, and very low margins. Add eBay listing fees into the equation and you're looking at a lost cause.

Free drop shipping companies do exist, but they aren't just going to show up at your doorstep. A real drop shipper doesn't advertise in search engines. Read that again. If you found your source through an advertisement or on the first page of Google, they are almost guaranteed not to be a real wholesale company. To succeed in drop shipping you need a quality, original product source. Selling the same stuff as everyone else just doesn't work. You also need large profit margins which you won't get from most middleman drop shipping operations. It costs money to sell online, whether it be on eBay or your own online store. Take that into account when you're calculating your potential profits.

The good news is that all real drop shipping companies are indeed free. This means that your search is heading in the right direction. If you really want to make money in drop shipping, you need to think outside the box, like in any business endeaver. Find unique ways to source and sell your products rather than doing what everyone else is doing. This extra bit of research up front will pay off big time later down the road when you're making a living from home.

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