Canada Foreclosure CRISIS?

This is bad news...
Foreclosures in Canada are hitting record highs...

And what's worse?
While home prices are plummetting...
and now with the national credit-crunch,
it is next to impossible to get financing for anything.
So what do you do when you want to buy a foreclosure property
for 50% OFF when no banks will lend you money to buy it?
Buy the house with cash?
Sure, if you have a few hundred thousand dollars sitting in the bank!
But could there be another way?
Here's a secret...

Did you know that a small group of Canadian insiders are making a
killing with foreclosures?

And somehow they have devised a clever scheme to make
fast profits by:

*Not having to qualify for a mortgage.
*Not having to use any money.
*Securing properties for as much as 50% below market value!

Could this be legal?


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