Do You Know Who’s Watching You! Unfortunately,


 sex offenders are lurking among us. They are in every state, every city, and most every town, and neighborhood in the country. Experts agree there is no question that there are very dangerous sexual predators in the United States and elsewhere, who will never respond to treatment, and need desperately to be incarcerated and contained. The problem is, you have no way to know by looking, because these predators appear just like anyone else. They prey on innocent people and often cloak themselves with an average image. They could be your neighbor, kid's scoutmaster, or even a church member. The recent case of Clemson University student, Tiffany Souers of South Carolina is sadly just one of many cases. Her killer had a history of violence and sex crimes in Florida. Do you know all your neighbors? How well? You could live near Jerry Hamel, a sexual predator who molested a 5-year-old boy. "And then I done it again, and again." he recalled. The majority of sex offenders are men that target women and children. People who can't defend themselves. Kara was at home asleep when at one o'clock in the morning she awoke to see the dark figure of a man standing in the doorway of her bedroom. She screamed and woke her infant son who had been asleep in his crib across the bedroom and he began to cry. This annoyed the intruder who ran to the crib and threw the baby against the wall knocking him unconscious. This pathetic criminal then raped her repeatedly and cut her arms with a knife. He warned her that if she reported him he would come back and kill the both of them. Kara's son survived with some permanent hearing loss. Kara did report her attacker. He was a convicted sex offender living in her apartment complex who later admitted he had watched her every day for months, planning his attack. His conviction, however, took almost two years during which during he lived as a free man stalking Kara night and day and threatening her. He later murdered another woman and is serving a life sentence. You need to protect yourself and your children. It's estimated that 72% of released convicted sex offenders repeat their crimes again. Almost eighty per cent say they will offend again given the opportunity. Do they live in your neighborhood? Find out right now!





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