From Skeptic to Enthusiast – My Review of IWinButtons

If you're like I am, then when you hear that a new guide for World of Warcraft Cataclysm has come out, and is the best thing since sliced bread (or perhaps Darnassus Marzipan), then you are inclined to take it with a grain of salt. I have only occasionally seen a guide live up to its hype in every way. Which is why I was very pleasantly surprised by IWinButtons – A Definitive Guide to Macros and Keybinds, which really does deliver powerful, effective techniques for improving your game and being a lot more successful at whatever part of it you prefer to do – or all of at once, if you're good at multitasking.
IWinButtons is the first guide that I'm aware of to tackle the subject of macros and keybindings head on, and to do so with impressive professionalism and style. This is no ivory tower theorizing, but a compilation of dozens – probably hundreds – of macros and keybindings which are not only up to date with the latest developments in WoW, but have actually been stress tested in some of the game's most dangerous arenas and raids, honed, and proven to be effective.
Although it's true that you could eventually discover some fairly similar macros and keybindings by searching on the Internet, this is time consuming and will return a lot of very low quality results – with no indication as to which advice is good, and which isn't.
The macros and keybindings in the IWinButtons guide were clearly carefully chosen and tested, because I haven't found a "clunker" in the lot yet. The guide covers all classes, a host of different situations (PvE questing, dungeons, raiding, battlegrounds, arenas), and even shows you what to avoid when setting up your macros and keybindings.
One of the things that impressed me most consistently about IWinButtons is that the the guide isn't just focused narrowly on one or two aspects of the game (say, PvP or raiding), but is very broad in its coverage of topics, while still managing to look at each individual area with the depth you need to really learn the techniques.
The author avoids both the temptation to use obscure terminology to get his points across, and the equally large temptation to oversimplify in the name of making the guide accessible. The guide is highly accessible without being "dumbed down", and as a player of the game, I appreciate that the writer has made the guide clear and easy to understand, but also doesn't talk to me like I'm a slow-witted murloc. It's useful, interesting, and well written, and strikes a number of balances very successfully.
Although no product is perfect, I have no hesitation in recommending IWinButtons to anyone who wants to make their character far more effective than they will be if you keep limping along with clicking and a few half-worthwhile macros. The guide delivers amply on its promises and will help to improve your game – probably hugely – regardless of whether you're interested in PvE, PvP, or a mix of both.





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