Jim is an inventor.

Ever since he was a kid, he has been trying to figure out a better way to do everyday tasks – an easier way. Faster ways to brush your teeth, a way to take out the garbage without leaving the house, a machine to walk the dog – anything that would result in a person having more free time. He knows that eventually he will come up with an idea that will make him rich. In fact, maybe today is that day. Jim is sitting on a bar stool in the neighborhood pub and after, having a few pints, he begins to talk to the man seated at the bar next to him. He knows he shouldn't share his ideas with others, but his excitement over his latest invention and the alcohol coursing through his body loosens his tongue. The man listens intently and after a while begins to ask Jim questions about production and marketing. Jim has never considered this aspect of his work and is in awe of this man's knowledge. As they part later in the wee hours of the morning, the man hands Jim a bar napkin with his cell phone number scribbled on it. He proposes that they become partners in a business venture in which Jim takes care of product development and leaves everything else to him. Jim is at first ecstatic. He never thought it would be this easy to bring one of his inventions to the public. The next day, though, after Jim has slept and the alcohol has made its way through his body, he begins to have second thoughts. He doesn't know this man from Adam. He doesn't even remember
his name. Fortunately, Jim's neighbor had told him about . Jim could find out if this guy was for real or not by only knowing his cell phone number. The site's reverse lookup system would locate all his pertinent information. Jim rushed to his home computer, went to the site, and looked up the number. Instantly, Jim knew that his dream was not about to come true. The guy sitting on the bar stool next to him was a convicted felon. Thank goodness Jim hadn't gotten into any agreements last night. Take Jim's situation to heart. Before you go into any new business venture check out your prospective partners.





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