National Phone Registry

The National Phone Registry available online at provides the user with an official online phone directory. Upon entering a phone number, our instant nationwide search system will check thousands of sources, public databases, and proprietary search databases and let you download and view the records reports within minutes. You can get the report you are looking for easily and effortlessly. offers instant data lookups to ensure you are always on top of changes in any reports and records. You have to know only the minimal required information on each search subject to pull the records. You will be able to immediately identify and download the latest public records reports on a full variety of data categories. In addition, you will be able to see what's available and who's in the system before you purchase anything.
Just by entering a standard 10-digit phone number you will be able to quickly and efficiently search and locate public records online. Our instant lookup tool will scan the data and prepare a complete report for you to view and examine on any search subject. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our state-of-the art search system.
A phone number search using the's extensive databases may include the following information:
• Owner's Full Name
• Current Address
• Previous Address History
• City & State
• Line Carrier
• Previous Owners (if applicable)
• Nationwide Phone Database
• Court Documents
• Legal and Business Records
• Reverse Address

Your search will include fields dependant on your particular lookup category and subject. Each report is priced separately. You can be assured you get the top quality lookup results from our sources.
If you choose to become a member at, you will have access to all searches and records that are currently offered. You could:
• Find Background Records
• Find Correctional Files
• Find Criminal Files
• Find Family History
• Find DMV Records
• Find Driving Record
• Find DUI Files
• Fine DWI Records
• Find FBI Files
• Find Federal Court Dockets
• Find Lost People
• Find Court Records
• Find E-mails
• Find Classmates
• Find Adoption Records
• Find Arrest Records
• Find Attorney Records
• Find Bankruptcy Records
• Find Birth Records
• Find Obituaries
• Find Child Support Files
• Find Credit Reports
• Find Criminal Indictments
• Find Death Records
• Find Divorce Records
• Find Real Estate Records
• Find Corporate Filings
• Find Inmate Records
• Find Civil Court Filings
• Find Criminal Court Filings
• Find Unclaimed Property
• Find Voter Registration
• Find Birth Certificates
• Find Business Information
• Find Unclaimed Money
• Find Marriage Records
• Find IP Addresses
• Find Reverse Maps
• Find Reverse License Plates
• Find Reverse Dictionaries
• Find Reverse Phone Lookups
• Find Reverse Address Lookups
• Find Warrant Files
• Find Vital Records
• Find Unclaimed Assets
• Find Unlisted Home Numbers
• Find Unlisted Cell Numbers
• Find Small Claims Records
• Find Superior Court Records
• Find Adoptions & Births
• Find Ancestry Archives
• Find Bankruptcies
• Find Birth Records
• Find Nanny Screen Lookups
• Find Drivers License Files
• Find Correctional Files
• Find Courthouses
• Find Credit Reports
• Find Criminal Files
• Find Criminal Indictments





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