You will be Killed in December 21, 2012 ( End Of The World )

Recently NASA discovered new, disturbing, time sensitive information.  

NASA Scientist, Dr. Mausumi Dikpati, discovered "conveyor belts" control the Sun's magnetic field.  And more importantly, how they work.
When the belts are turning fast "magnetic hurricanes" streak through the conveyor belt.  

Later those magnetic hurricanes appear as "sunspots" - which can cause the equivalent of an...
Normally, our magnetosphere is strong enough to protect us.  But, this is similar to standing behind a 3 ft retaining wall in the 2004 Tsunami - standing behind a little wall watching a cliff of water 5 times your height race towards you!

Needless to say, that little wall won't stop much.
If you are serious about protecting your family, then take action now
But that's not even the worst part.
Imagine how destructive a hurricane would be if it shot tsunamis toward the shore.  Think about getting pounded by waves 5 times your height.  

The time to prepare is now, procrastinating is not an option. Many of the steps you need to take require time and planning. Waiting even one more month could mean the difference between being prepared or finding yourself helpless and dependent upon others for your survival.
Don't rely on the government to take care of you. You are the only one that can properly protect the ones you love. Take action and get the 2012-Survival-Guide now.

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i will ask you one question : How you can safeguard your life... and the lives of your family members ???

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