Will Obama’s re-election boost the Dollar against the Euro? Get our best bonus offer yet!

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The American people have put their faith in President Obama for four more years,
but how do you think the world financial markets will react?
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It’s a great time to start trading as there is almost always strong
market movement following the US Presidential Elections. Immediately
after the 2008 US Elections, for example, the Dow Jones
dropped by more than 500 points in a single day.
So, whether you share the voters’ confidence that
President Obama’s tax and spend agenda will stabilize
the world’s largest economy or not, the effect of his
policies is certain to have a major economic impact on the markets.
With Ava FX you can trade long or short instantly on
dozens of Indices and Stocks, so whether you’re optimistic
or pessimistic about market direction there’s always an
opportunity to put your analysis into action.
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