Does PvP Strategies That Will Actually Work

naPvP is not just a side-quest part of the game in World of Warcraft. Some players just dabble in it, getting some honor points and arena points to land trinkets and basic gear upgrades. Others spend hours every week tweaking and perfecting their characters to a level high enough to actually dominate the game. Whatever you choose to do, you'll need to spend some time determining what it takes to be the best when you step into that battleground or PvP arena.

• Having a Strategy Every Time – PvP is like a chess match. If you go in and wing it, you'll never come out a winner. You need a good strategy and that means studying your opponents. Watch videos, read about certain classes, and prepare for arena grounds or battlegrounds carefully.

• Plan Ahead – Secondly, plan a strategy for how you'll handle each class. If you are a Rogue, determine which classes you're most likely to handle and then adjust your strategies to match how you'll fight those classes.

• Know Your Group and Practice Often – Get a group together early and practice often. The only way to be truly effective in PvP is to have a well tuned and highly prepared group of players who know how each other play extremely well. Without that practice and that knowledge, you may as well PUG it out, running around randomly hoping to get lucky. Against good teams, you'll be toast in a matter of seconds.

Like a general preparing for battle, you need to not only know what you're facing, but have a strategy for every possible outcome when you step onto the battlefield. Spending hours and hours running the same content and messing up in the same way is pointless. Learn from your mistakes and master the intricate aspects of PvP in World of Warcraft like only the truly great players can


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