Make Your Sales Materials Easy to Read

Easy-to-read, professionally-designed sales materials can maximize your sales. Your promotional materials can include business cards, flyers, postcards, letterhead, sales letters, and web site.

Follow these tips to make your sales materials user friendly and increase sales.Design
• Use color and spacing to make your brochures and flyers easy to read.
• Dark text on a light background is easy to read.
• Avoid text on dark and busy backgrounds.


• Use short paragraphs.
• Break up your sales copy into short, easy-to-read sections and use subheadings to highlight benefits.
• Provide the most important information such as your benefits and USP immediately.

Contact Information

• Make it easy to contact you.
• Provide your phone number, email address, and URL (web address).

If you want your prospects to read your sales materials, you have to make them easy to read.

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