Mating Fish in Happy Aquarium (mating fish in Happy Aquarium)

In a game like Happy Aquarium, you need to be aware of all the possible benefits the game has put into place. Mating fish in Happy Aquarium is one of those things that has been made available to help you save coins on buying new fish and ultimately make a larger profit on each fish sold, but only if you develop a steady process that minimizes waste and ensures the fish are fed on time each day. Here are some tips to help with mating fish in Happy Aquarium.
How to Mate Your Fish
To mate your fish in Happy Aquarium, you will need to start out getting two fish of the same species – one female and one male. Make sure they are both full grown adults and then make sure your tank is nice and clean and the hunger and cleanliness meters are full. Only then can you start sending your fish out to mate.
Click on either of the two fish and then choose to mate them. You can only mate any two fish once every day, so you won't be able to do this again the same day if they fail. There is a 20% failure rate for the fish as well, so you may not necessarily get the fish that you thought you would when you do this.
What Mating Fish in Happy Aquarium will Do For Your Bottom Line
Despite that failure rate, mating in Happy Aquarium is still very popular because it comes out about 15% better in terms of profit potential than normal fish raising. Because it costs 60% of the total normal cost of buying a fish to mate one, the failures are offset by the profits you gain from the successes. Generally speaking, if you mate a fish rather than buying it and wait the extra 50% of the time it takes to grow the fish from an egg, you will always still benefit from the mating over the added cost it took to do it.
As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to mating your fish. They will be easier to control, you can maintain steady populations in each of your tanks, and you will spend less coins to get your new fish. However, you need to be able to balance all those benefits against the risks that are inherently related to the task. This can be hard if you don't take some time to plan your mating strategies, so be sure to balance it all out ahead of time.

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