The Mechanics Of Battlefield 3

As its name suggests this is yet another game launched to challenge the tactical army instinct within the players. Released in the US this month, this game is the challenging answer to the Call of Duty series. Actively designed to be a first person shooter action video game it was launched this month in the US by EA Digital Illusions CE and its publishers are Electronics Arts. Playable on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and EA Mobile it surfaces on some very convenient tools indeed. It is the 11th installment of the Battlefield franchise.
Made popular because of the maximalist combines arms battles it can be comfortably and challengingly used by a single player, co operative and multiplayer modes. For those who enjoy the challenge of having features like fighter jets, prone positions and the 64 player battles available for PC this is the option available that promises to be just as it advertisers. Also available is the features that allow for lower player count on the consoles of which the ground area will be limited for both Xbox 360 and PS3 thought the fly space will remain the standard.
Set in and around hot spots on the international plain, this game comes with the challenges that are closely related to that of the real world. Having the featured settings of Paris, Tehran, Sarajevo, Sulaymaniyah, New York Wake Island and Oman lends the feel of the urban streets, metropolitan downtown areas though at the same time not forgetting to include the challenges of varying open landscapes equally suited for vehicle combat. Using the Iraq – Iran border as its launch site for the game, the players will be integrating with the presence of the US Marine Corps who are fighting the People's liberation and resistance. Though the features of vehicle combats are made available for the gamers it is however with certain restrictions and quite limited. Players will be able to adequately use the vehicles during the planned battle plans but must at all times note its limitations.


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