How to Feed in Happy Aquarium (feed in Happy Aquarium)

With any game that has you raising creatures – whether it is chickens in Country Story or a pet in Pet Society – you need to remember to feed your little buddies. Without food, they'll get sick and in some games they can even die. So, learning how to feed in Happy Aquarium is a tremendously important task that cannot be overstated. You should learn how to do it on day one of playing the game. But, it's just as easy to overfeed as to underfeed, so let's take a look at some of the strategies you can use to make sure your fish stay fed but you don't waste too much coin in doing it.
The Key to Feed in Happy Aquarium Successfully
To start with, you need to make sure you have enough food. The food can be bought from the store, but it can also be given and received as a free gift from fellow players. This is a great way to get food as they will send you 20 at a time and it costs them nothing. This is a primary reason why it is good to have as many friends as possible. You can load up on as much feed as you need in the game from their free gifts and never need to worry about getting to the higher levels and paying for it directly.
Additionally, you need to create a schedule that will make feeding a lot easier. Don't just assume that it will happen on its own volition. If you forget to login and feed your fish, even if they are full grown, they can die after 6 days of starvation. So, you'll need to develop a good strateg and timeline here to keep everything fed.
What Happens if You Don't Feed in Happy Aquarium on Time
If you do not feed your fish on time in Happy Aquarium, you will have 3 days until your fish get sick. After they get sick, you will have three more days until they disappear completely by dying. This is a major problem for a lot of players, but if you plan it properly, you won't have any such issues. Just be sure to login at least once every 3 days to keep everything alive. Make sure you get food to every fish in the tank though – it's easy to miss them when there are 30+ floating around.
As you can see, feeding is a valuable tool that will help you speed up the development of your fish. The game is very forgiving to those players who forget to feed their fish, but that doesn't mean you should take advantage of that leniency. A fish that would normally take 6 hours to develop might take as long 6 days if you forget to feed it for too long, so be sure to feed on time, regularly so you can trade your fish back in for a profit more frequently.

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