How to Get Unlimited Cash Credits by Using Cityville Cash Hacks

If you have been playing this popular Facebook social game, then you might already have been looking around the internet for Cityville cash hacks that you can use to get cash credits to your account. One of the ways to do this is by using Charles web proxy debugging installer and crack. This can be downloaded by searching it via Google or any search engine, and you will get a myriad of links where this application is currently hosted. After you have downloaded the file, open Firefox 3.5.5 version of your internet browser. If you have already upgraded your browser, you should uninstall it and download this version instead. This can be found in many websites that offer downloads for the previous versions of Firefox and many other popular internet browsers and programs.

After you have these two things ready, you are ready to perform one of the most effective Cityville cash hacks that can get you free cash credits for the game. Execute the Charles application and then open Cityville on your Firefox browser. You should play the game until you have one building built in your city. You can choose to build the bakery, as it is the cheapest. After ten people have visited your bakery, you will see a green cash bag on top of the bakery. Do not claim this first, go to your Charles program and look for the line, and this step is very important in making sure that your Cityville cash hacks program will work. Expand this and you will see flashservices/ on it as well as gateway.php. Next, right-click any of the gateway.php and choose the Breakpoints option.

Right after you have done these steps in doing one the most popular cash hacks in Cityville, you should click on the moneybag icon and a tab will appear on your Charles program. Click on the command Edit Request > AMF and expand everything that you see until a prompt appears. You should change the value of 10 to 10000 or any other value but be careful not to make it too high, as you will get an error from it. Click on execute and remove Breakpoint on your gateway.php. After refreshing your game, you will be able to see the cash in your account. Cityville cash hacks are easy to implement in the game as long as you have the right tools and steps to do it.


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